How you can help promote the We Are Birmingham shop

Please use this guide to help you spread the word.

Download as a printable PDF.

At We Are Birmingham we have hardly any budget or time for publicity. An advertising campaign is out of the question and there are only so many hours in the day, most of which are spent running the shop.

What we do have is a large number of people who want us to succeed, people who can give a small amount of their time, skill and energy to getting the word out. If you’re one of those people this is a short guide to doing that.

The main thing to remember is every little counts. You might only tell 10 people about the shop but your personal recommendation is much more valuable than hearing about it on the radio because it comes from someone they know and trust.

When telling people about the shop be sure and tell them why you think it’s important. Use the Fact Sheet if you need help but make sure it’s something you really believe.


Think about the social situations and places where you can promote the shop to interested people. Are you a member of a club or society? Do you work in an office? Are you in a baby group? That sort of thing.
Don’t spam your group though – we don’t want you to stand up and make a speech. Just use the opportunity to give someone a flyer or tell them about the shop. Remember, they probably don’t care about the shop as much as you do, and that’s fine.


The big one here is Facebook. If you buy something from the shop, post a photo of it on Facebook and say where you got it from. If there’s something on the page that you want to share, hit the Like button.

If you do other things online mention the shop there too. If you talk about it on Twitter include @wearebham so people can find out more about us. If you post photos on Flickr put in the description.

The website has lots of resources for this sort of thing, from news about the shop to photos, graphics and so on.

Some key things to remember

Do be personal. Tell people why you care.

Do ask for help. Come into the shop and have chat about what you can do.

Don’t be annoying. “Oh there he goes, banging on about that bloody shop” is not what we want.

Be creative. We can’t imagine what you might do. Don’t be afraid to surprise us.

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