Drinks reception launch party announcement thing


We’re on track to open to the public at 10am on Saturday morning. We won’t be ready to trade on Friday night but we still want you all (and I mean YOU ALL) to come along and celebrate this actually happening.

Drinks, alcoholic and non, will be drunk in the basement gallery at 6.30pm. There’ll be some very short speeches, mostly consisting of “thank you”, followed by a tour of the spaces above the shop floor. And there’ll be A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT just to make things exciting. And then, at 7.30, it’ll be over. Nice and quick like.

We’ll still be putting the final touches on the shop so don’t come expecting to buy things. Think of this as Public Meeting Number Three, the end of one stage and the start of another.

And, because we’ve left this til the last minute please spread the word. Thank you!

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