vacuum cleaner for under 100

Vacuum cleaner robot

  • Navigation system: Does not plot smart routes and does not have time to finish all the rooms
  • Map types: Does not save the map and does not let you select the rooms you want to clean
  • Battery: They have little autonomy and are not able to finish everything with one charge

Cordless vacuum cleaner

  • Low power in normal mode: You have to increase the power to the maximum so that it sucks (and the battery lasts very little)
  • Little autonomy in turbo mode: You can only breathe in for a few minutes at full power
  • Very small: Tank – needs to be emptied often

Corded Vacuum Cleaner

  • It is not comfortable for you: It is difficult to avoid furniture and you get tired of vacuuming
  • Heavy to climb stairs: You need someone to carry it to the top floor because it weighs more than you thought.
  • Short cable: You have to change plugs often.

How do the shape and space influence the room?

This is a factor to take into account, especially in a robot vacuum cleaner for under 100.

If the rooms are very square, they tend to give better results than if they are narrow and with many nooks and crannies.

He thinks that the robot must traceroutes in an orderly manner. And this is much easier in large, clean rooms.

vacuum cleaner for under 100

Which vacuum cleaners are best for a duplex or multi-story house?

If you have to go up and downstairs, you have already seen that a heavy corded vacuum cleaner is not the most comfortable.

In the case of robot vacuum cleaners, those that can save a map of each floor are usually the best option. Especially if the house is large, since you will be able to organize cleaning better, and the robot will do it faster.

Cordless vacuum cleaners, due to their ease of use, have an advantage both when climbing and vacuuming the stairs.

How does the furniture influence when vacuuming?

Think of a room full of obstacles and furniture, with cables on the floor, a decorative vase, a closet, and several chairs. Can you imagine the work that vacuuming would entail for a robot vacuum cleaner?

With a corded vacuum cleaner, it wouldn’t be an easy task either. Going through so many obstacles could be exhausting.

There is no doubt that the success of cordless vacuum cleaners is their ability to adapt to any type of cleaning. That is why it is said that they clean at 360º.

vacuum cleaner for under 100

With the accessories, you can reach any corner, and allow you to vacuum rooms full of objects and obstacles.

Be it the height of a piece of furniture, the frame of a painting, or the curtains, everything is possible with them. Even the narrowest spaces behind furniture.

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