Whether you’re trying to cut costs by repairing your car yourself or embarking on a serious career as a mechanic, knowing the right tools for the job is absolutely crucial. This article describes the basic tools you need in your auto repair kit.

Wrench Set

If you are planning on doing your own car repair at home, wrenches are an absolute necessity. Wrenches are the main tools in any auto mechanic repair kit as they are used to loosen and tighten bolts. These instruments come in a variety of sizes, from 6mm to a whopping 30 inches. If you buy wrenches for your tool kit, Shelter tent car parking shades company recommend some between 21 and 24mm. Ideally, you should get wrenches made from a chrome-vanadium alloy, which is very durable.

Ratchets and Socket Set

Ratchets usually come in three different sizes: small (¼ “), medium (⅜”), and large (½ “). While some sets come with all three sizes, some are only one size. You can Buy the set of different sizes of ratchets or just buy the large and small ones that are most commonly used.

When it comes to power outlets, you don’t have to buy a whole set. Most basic sockets are compatible with different sized ratchets. However, if you want a more specific set, I would recommend buying sockets that are 6mm to 24mm in size.

Car key set and Hand Pliers

You ‘ll need pliers in your tool kit to cut wires when you repair your car. Pliers are usually useful when repairing brakes and removing electrical connectors. Many people even use them to peel the insulator cover off electrical cables when soldering or joining wires.

You should get at least one regular pair of pliers and one for cutting wires. If you can find adjustable pliers that can be adjusted for different sizes, that’s even better.

Screwdrivers and screws

A set of screwdrivers is very important for any car repair kit. With a set of different screwdriver sizes, you always have the right tool for every type of screw. Most socket wrench sets usually come with a set of screwdriver heads of different sizes and shapes. So you can save a lot of money by buying an all-inclusive kit with sockets, ratchets, and screwdrivers.


A multimeter is an essential part of any auto repair toolbox as it can diagnose and fix a number of problems. This can be used to measure the voltage and current, check the car’s battery level, and see if the fuses are working properly.

Multimeters come in a variety of prices, which means you can get one on literally any budget. I recommend buying a good quality multimeter – you will be using it a lot. Make sure you get one with the correct amperage.


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