Forgiveness in choosing a gift for your father ? Calm down, you’re not a bad child, nor do you need to despair, falling into the old Father’s Day gift clichés. This lack of creativity happens to a lot of people, and it’s natural that our ideas about what makes a good gift don’t quite fit in with what the recipients are expecting.  

So get ready to end this indecision. We’re here to help you immerse yourself in your daddy’s personality and choose a functional, beautiful, durable and super meaningful gift. Follow with us and discover the best knives and knives for each type of parent! 

Why give your dad a gift for Father’s Day?

First of all, we need to clarify the potential of knives , pocketknives and machetes as amazing gifts for your dad, even if he’s not a cutlery aficionado . Believe me, this option can become that memorable gift remembered for years at family lunches. Just look:

  • Knives and pocket knives are functional : most parents prefer to gain objects that can be used in everyday life, and it is no wonder that tools are at the top of male desires in gifts.
  • Blades are durable and carry emotional importance : you know that object that can last for decades and keep important memories of those we love? Knives, knives and machetes can become symbols of your relationship with your father, a physical representation of this rich story. 
  • They are objects full of history : our ancestors saw in knives and swords an important emblem of power and nobility. As they are expensive and very necessary objects, giving a gift with blades showed the honor and importance of the person given. 
  • They can save your dad in everyday life : carrying a reliable pocketknife can get your dad out of some trouble at work or leisure. He will be able to carry out with ease from simple tasks, such as opening boxes and peeling fruit, to acting in emergency situations. 

A knife for every personality!

Now it’s time to shine and show all your knowledge about your dad’s life and personality! Think about what he likes to do, what are his most frequent hobbies and activities , what tools would be most useful in his daily life and what are his aesthetic inclinations . Then just check the options for each personality and find the perfect gift!

dad who loves adventure

adventurous father kit

For dads who hike, ride on the road, camp, bushcraft, survivalism and all things adventure sports, we’ve set up an EDC capable of keeping up with all that gas – in addition to preparing your dad for whatever comes and goes !

Our tips start with the Komodo knife , a tactical, sporty and functional knife, with a modern design, with a grippy texture and great visual appeal, referring to digital jungle camouflage. 

The second option is one of our favorites, the Pocket Knife 330/PIC/B , super compact and slim to fit into any packed backpack. It is made of stainless steel – after all, there is no way to venture into nature without quality blades to perform different tasks.

We have more amazing tips for adventure parts in our post “ How to choose an ideal camping knife ?”. Reading is indispensable!

father do everything

Is your dad always fixing things around the house, loves crafts and loves solving problems? There is no better gift than a Flytool Multi-Tool , a complete pocket knife with 7 tools in 1.

Another very versatile option for this active parent is our Cimo Dallas 56 Pocket Knife in 420 C stainless steel (a special steel with high oxidation resistance), which contains a hardened pocket clip and a red acrylic handle. With this team of blades, your father will be prepared for any job.

fisherman father

Fishing is already a classic “ parent activity ”. To make the happiness of parents who love to fish from dawn to dusk, making their fishing even more lively and successful, we have separated some essential options for the lake, river and high seas . 

The first is the 10-inch carbon steel machete , a heavier, stronger, and more prepared tool for cutting weeds and taking care of branches if necessary. We also list the Dallas 70 pocket knife , with a rustic design and a pocket clip, indispensable for preparing baits or food and for carving.

Do you want to understand more about fishing to accompany your father? Check out the post “ Fishing Tips: How to Clean Fish Correctly ”.

executive father

For the super urban executive dad, the blades are also a hit! Thinking about it, we have separated some multifunctional pieces that make up a practical and stylish EDC for everyday life in the city, which also has its challenges!

So, for parents who don’t give up on style and good taste, we’ve separated 3 unbeatable items. The first is the E-Cimo , a pocket knife with 9 functions, indispensable in your daily life. It can be used as bottle opener and scale in millimeters and inches; has the advantage of being compact and can be carried in your pocket or even as a keyring.

The second is the GE6-Urban 3 , a precision-cut Gecko model with incredible sharpness, high durability and a hi-tech , modern and innovative design. Finally, we have the Attrezzo , a practical Multi-tool option, robust and easy to handle. This tool with numerous benefits will be used by your father both in daily tasks and in leisure time.

father of the field

father of the field kit

Does your father like the farm and is he always on the farm, farm or farm? We have separated some essential items for country life. This scenario requires a good Every Day Carry kit, and it certainly calls for a classic pocket knife that is powerful, firm and precise at the same time.

That’s why the traditional “smoker” penknife is so recommended, without forgetting the beautiful and useful leather sheath, which accompanies the piece and allows your father to keep his knife safely and conveniently. Want another option? Check out the powerful wooden-handled Huffero , which offers precise cutting, sharpening with incredible durability, and a pocket clip. 

Barbecue Dad

The barbecue unites Brazilians almost every weekend. That’s why we believe your father’s chances of enjoying barbecue are great. If your father is one of those people who loves to be with his family around the barbecue grill, the barbecue cutlery is the right field to find the ideal gift!

The blades of barbecue knives are special, made of stainless steel 420, stainless and highly durable. They are finished with anatomical handles, made of Jatobá wood or, in some models, aluminum and wood, with a distinctive and exclusive finish for our brand.

The manufacturing process of the blades we make available takes place through laser technology, which results in perfect pieces, with extremely sharp cutting edges, ideal for slicing that rump steak to the right measure. As if that wasn’t enough, the design of the pieces is another feature that draws attention. In some options, there are prints that will leave you surprised and thrilled. Real works of art.

You still haven’t made up your mind and want a little help when choosing the perfect knife for a barbecue father? We have a complete post with all the cutlery items that cannot be missing in a complete barbecue kit. Check out: “ How to choose the right barbecue knife? ”.

No mistake: give a personalized gift!

Have you already chosen the blade(s) that best suit your daddy’s personality? Well know that you can make this gift even more special! All CIMO cutlery knives can be customized with engraving on the blade , which allows the identification of your piece and, of course, creates a much more interesting look!

Record your father’s name, heart team or something that reminds him of an important moment in his life. Very significant, isn’t it?

We sincerely hope that this Father’s Day is special for you and your entire family. From near or far, what matters is to demonstrate this affection and affection that unites generations and passes on lessons. With gifts and gestures, show your father all your gratitude, love and care. These things are never too much…

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