Vacuum Cleaners for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Which vacuum cleaners are the best for collecting pet hair?

The answer depends on the surfaces you want to clean. It is not the same if you only want to vacuum floors and carpets as if you would like to get rid of the hairs of the armchairs, the interior of the car, or the bedspread.

Due to their versatility, and ease of use in any area, cordless vacuum cleaners can be a good option.

best cordless stick vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

For a vacuum cleaner luxury vinyl plank floors to be effective at sucking hair, it should meet some requirements:

  1. That it has great power to be able to vacuum thoroughly carpets and upholstery, where the hairs get caught. Also think about vacuuming the cat litter, something that many vacuum cleaners are not capable of.
  2. Enough capacity: A deposit that is very small is valid for those who have a cat or a dog that does not shed much hair. If you have several pets, you should look for a larger tank, especially if it is a cordless vacuum cleaner (750 ml. Is a good capacity). You avoid emptying it at every moment.
  3. Suitable accessories: The head of the floor must be made of bristles that better drag the hairs. For upholstery, a motorized mini brush , to put it in hand vacuum mode and complete the task easily.

A mini motorized brush is essential if you want to vacuum armchairs, the sofa, or car seats.

7) The best vacuum cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors does not fit in your home

A vacuum cleaner is like a suit. It should be the “size” appropriate to your own home.

If before it was about the best cordless stick vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors adapting to your lifestyle, now the important thing is that it fits well in your home.

A small studio where you live alone is not the same as a house with several floors where your children, the dog, and two cats live.

In addition to how big your house is, and how dirty it accumulates, there are other important factors to consider:

  • Soil type – Is it very delicate? Are there many rugs?
  • No. of floors – Do you have to climb stairs?
  • Size and furnishings in rooms – is there room for ample maneuvering?
best cordless stick vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

Which vacuum cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors are the best for very large homes?

A large house needs the best vacuum and mop for vinyl plank floors with the highest performance, be it a robot, a cordless vacuum cleaner, or a sled.

If your house is large, you have to take into account:

  • The vacuum cleaner will be running longer
  • More dirt and dust will accumulate

In the end, a mid-range vacuum cleaner ends up being insufficient to vacuum luxury vinyl plank floors a large home thoroughly.

On the other hand, a high-end vacuum cleaner is more efficient in every way: it sucks better, is easier to clean, and better withstands a harder and longer task.

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