best commercial walk behind mower for hills

How a lawn mower works?

Depending on the model, the best large walk behind lawn mowers starting of the machine will vary, differentiating the electrical ones from the combustion ones in the energy used for their ignition: The best commercial walk behind mower for hills electrical ones are connected to electric current, while those that work with combustion must have a tank with fuel.

At startup, the blades will begin to rotate (the number of blades the cutter has will depend on the model and size in question). The cut, as well as the number of knives, will depend on the model and can be transversal or diagonal.

best commercial walk behind mower for hills

Parts of a lawn mower

Air filter: It is placed in the machine to allow a constant airflow, which improves combustion.

Bag: It is a connected receptacle to collect the grass that the machine is cutting.

Bearings: These are pieces placed between the large walk behind lawn mower internal parts of the cutter and their function is to allow relative rotation during operation.

Crank or Button: It is through which the cutter is turned on.

Carburetor: In the case of a combustion engine, it provides the exact amount of fuel to mix and function.

Engine: Here the internal combustion of the fuel applied by the best large walk behind mowers carburetor is generated (in the case of combustion machines), or it is the electric motor that, once connected to a source of electrical current, turns the moving parts.

If it is the combustion, and it has a carburetor, then it will also have a spark plug.

Oil filter: Protects the mower engine from possible contaminants or parts that alter its operation, such as metal or carbon fragments.

Straps: They are attached to the wheels to improve their movement.

Wheels: They are the ones that maintain the best large walk behind lawn mowers axis and control the movement of the cutters.

best commercial walk behind mower for hills

Caring for a lawn mower

Cleaning: At the end of the work, it is recommended to clean the blades of the blades, removing the grass and drying them, then applying oil or some lubricating grease to avoid possible oxidation. If the best large walk behind lawn mowers cutter is combusting, check that the container containing the gasoline is empty.

Changes of pieces: When twisting or bending blades by impacts or blows of any type, the best large walk behind lawn mowers piece must be replaced quickly to avoid an imbalance in the machine and an incorrect operation of the cutter that can lead to the breakage of the axis.

Air filter and bag: They must be checked, cleaned, and replaced regularly.

Oil: The oil level when using combustion mowers should be high, as low levels will cause the engine to burn out.

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